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Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse

Advanced Age Planning & Support

Advancing in age can mean more time for travel and making more memories with loved ones, but it can also come with challenges that we may not have been prepared to face. There takes a certain amount of bravery and determination to face the changes and challenges that come with getting older, but on the other side of those challenges can be a life worth living and a quality of life you did not think was possible. People United can help you find that life and help you bring dreams to fruition. 

Our advanced age planning is not just for those looking to navigate through their personal changes, it is also for the children or caretakers of those who are facing those challenges. With you, your aging loved one(s), and People United, the road to your new normal does not have to be filled with mystery, fear, or an overwhelming list of things-to-do. 

Whether it is processing and learning how to cope with the changes that accompany advanced age or ensuring that your final affairs are taken care of so your family does not have to manage it on their own, let us help to clarify your wishes. While People United cannot manage any legal concerns or documents, we can help with getting connected to the best resources for you and your family’s needs. 

To see if advanced age planning is right for you and your family, schedule your free consultation today!

For specific fees please visit our fees page here.

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