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Gay Couple with Daughter

Family & Relationship Counseling

As diverse as we are, our family and relationship system can be just as diverse, with every person having their own set of needs which can contribute to and hinder a healthy family environment. With family and relationship counseling at People United, we take into account those different needs and help families and those in relationships find their unique balance. 

Sometimes, family is based on the relation you share by blood or marriage, and other times, family consists of the bonds made through time. Regardless of your family makeup, your therapist can ensure that the family unit has a safe space to voice their needs and help your family develop a style of communication that ensures every person’s needs are met. By using evidenced based techniques like Transgenerational family therapy and Structural family therapy, your therapist will focus on the strengths of your family unit and explore any opportunities for growth. This means creating space for each family member to be functioning at their best in order to keep the family system bonded and stable. So, whether you are bringing your family of origin, the family you have created, or a newly blended family, let People United help keep your family balanced and engaged. 

Relationships of any kind can be a source of joy, love, and connection for us, so it is important that we take the time to check in with our partner(s) to maintain that healthy connection.  But as we grow and evolve, like we should, it can mean that the relationships we have cultivated have to change and evolve as well, and for some, that adjustment can be difficult. Your therapist is dedicated to helping all members of your relationship adjust appropriately to find new meaning and fulfillment in the relationship. Relationship counseling at People United is best suited for those who are looking to make some transformations and transitions in their relationships. This could be for couples considering marriage, couples considering or actively seeking divorce, poly relationships who want to make sure each partner is heard and understood, and couples who have been together for at least a year and looking for some assistance with taking their relationship to the next level (whatever that means for you). 

If you think you and your relationship or family can benefit from counseling, please schedule your free consultation today!

For specific fees and insurances accepted, please visit our fees page here.

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