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Helping Hands

Community & Corporate Trainings

Our mental and emotional health does not live in a world on its own. Chances are that if we are dealing with issues at home, those issues follow us wherever we go and impact how we perform at work and with others in the community. Having a dedicated team that can help your group, organization, and employees learn about their mental health and how to improve  and maintain it, can give you a competitive edge against the competition when looking to recruit and retain key employees and members. Let People United be that dedicated team for your business or group. 

People United offers life skills classes for resume building, interviewing skills, financial literacy, and more. These life skills can be an asset to any group who is focused on the social development of its members. 

For corporations and small businesses, People United can enhance your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work to ensure you are creating an authentically welcoming space for all the populations of employees you hire, and focus on any opportunities for growth that your company may have to ensure it is able to recruit and retain highly qualified diverse personnel. People are more productive and stay on the job longer when they feel seen and appreciated in their work environment.  Let People United show you how to create that nurturing work environment to not only boost productivity, but be a place where everyone wants to work!

To discuss the needs of your group or organization, please schedule your free consultation today!

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