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Frequently Asked Questions

Are services in person or virtual?

For your safety and convenience, individual, group, family and relationship sessions are completed virtually. If in community support is needed, then it can be arranged ahead of time. 

For corporate and community trainings in person services are available upon request. 

While you do not need to be a tech genius to access sessions, you will need a smart device that access to your personal email and audio/video capabilities. 

Do you accept insurance?

Yes! Some insurances are accepted. For a list of accepted insurances, please visit our Fees page located here

I have insurance that you accept, but I don't want to use it. What are my options?

If you chose to not use your accepted insurance you would need to sign an insurance waiver, stating that you are releasing your insurance company from any obligation to pay for services on your behalf for the duration of your treatment. If you sign this waiver, you will then be responsible for the full cost of session payments. You are also NOT permitted to submit a super bill to your insurance for them to reimburse you for services. You may revoke the waiver at any time during your treatment and then your cost of services will be what your insurance has deemed appropriate. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

Since we are a virtual only company, payments must be made via your client portal, online. When completing your initial paperwork, you are required to have a card on file. This can be any majot credit card or debit card (visa, mastercard, discover) cshapp card, paypal card, FSA (flexible spending account) card, HSA )health savings account) card are all acceptable forms of payment.

When are payments processed?

Unless otherwise discussed with your therapist, payments for sessions are processed day of session, after session has been completed, no later than 11:00pm est.

I am not a person of color, can I still receive services?

Absolutely! People United is based on the principles of social justice and that is not reserved to people of color specifically. There is a lot that a person from a non marginalized group or from another marginalized group can learn about being an ally and how to navigate the space around them in a way that shows love and kindness to all, including self. People United is happy to serve all on their personal journeys, regardless of what those journeys look like.

Are you faith based?

The services provided at People United are NOT faith based, but we make it a point to ensure that whatever forms of worship are specific to your culture, and important to you, have a space in your care and education. We love that everyone is unique and has their own culture and traditions and we would love to help you use the beauty of your cultural and religious practices to enhance your quality of life. 

What age range do you work with?

Those 12 years of age and up are welcomed. If under 18, a parent or legal guardian must initiate services and be available for consultations when needed.

Do I have to have a mental health diagnosis to receive services?

Depending on the service you are utilizing a diagnosis is not necessary. However, if you are looking to utilize individual counseling, a clinical assessment is required in order to assess any mental or  behavioral needs you may have. If utilizing insurance, a diagnosis is required to establish a medical necessity for services. Your diagnosis is reported to insurance for those purpose.

I need therapy, but I can't afford your rates and you do not take my insurance. What should I do?

Accessing care should not be a barrier to you getting the help you need, when you need it. And because People United is founded on the principle of social justice for all, we offer assistance as much as we can. If your insurance is not accepted, you have the option of paying for sessions out of pocket and submitting a super bill to your insurance company so they can reimburse you a percentage of the money you have spent for treatment. For specific reimbursement rates, please contact your insurance company directly to learn more. If you are uninsured or underinsured, a limited amount of reduced fee slots are made available throughout the year. These slots are given on a needs basis, and are for a limited amount of time (typically 90 days before reassessment is needed). If these options do not fit you, we will help you find a provider that best fits your needs.

How long do I need to be in therapy?

Depending on the specific issues you are dealing with, therapy can be short term (less than 6 months) or it can be longer. Typically,  after goals are identified, a treatment plan is created and at the 90 day mark, that treatment plan is reviewed to identify how much progress has been made towards your goals. If goals have been met, then treatment can end after the termination session has been completed. If goals have not been met, then you can decide if you want to continue, but you and your therapist will discuss any changes that need to be made. If you are using insurance, some insurance have a specific amount of sessions you are allowed to have per year that they will cover. Sessions can end at that specific number, or sessions can continue with you being responsible for payments.

There are multiple people in my family that need counseling, can you see us all?

Yes! a family is a system made up of multiple working parts (the individual members of the family), so it makes sense that if the family system is not operating in a healthy way, the individual members may not be either. In this case, you can have family sessions to work on the family system, and supplement with individual sessions, or each person can stick to individual sessions alone.

If I am not satisfied with my session, can I get a refund?

Each session will be different in its focus and content, bc of the nature of therapy and education services and the amount of time that goes into each services, refunds are NOT granted, but you are encouraged to speak to your therapist about your concerns so a more suitable course of action can be developed. As the client, your wishes are taken seriously and is the bases of the care that is delivered. 

What happens if I arrive late to my appointment or need to cancel it?

Life happens! We get that, so a grace period of 10 min us given for each session before it is marked as a no show. You also have to ability to cancel sessions up to 24 hrs in advance with no penalty. If a session is canceled outside of the 24 hrs window or missed, a no show/late cancel fee will be charged of $25. That fee can be used as a credit towards your next appt if that appt is made for the same calendar week, which is from Sunday to Saturday.

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