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Individual & Group Therapy

It is no secret that life will present us with challenges. Some of those challenges, we will need assistance with navigating. Individual and Group therapy can give you that assistance you are looking for. Individual and Group sessions are conducted virtually through a HIPPA compliant portal. While it is not necessary to be a tech expert to navigate sessions, you will need a device that accesses the internet and to your private email account in order to access sessions. 

 At the start of individual therapy, a clinical assessment will be completed and that is to help your therapist determine the best treatment options for your therapeutic journey. The clinical assessment will ask you about the concerns you are having regarding your mental and emotional health and you and your therapist will create goals on which to focus your treatment. These goals are your own, and what you believe is most important to you. After Identifying your goals, your following sessions will start the process of working towards those goals with a specific therapy modality in mind (i.e. CBT, DBT, Trauma Focused-CBT etc) that your therapist believes will best meet your needs, but if at any time you feel that sessions are not giving you want you need or want, you are free to let your therapist know and two of you can revise the plan as needed. 

During Group sessions, you will receive education on specific concerns as well as get the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with people who are experiencing similar concerns. Group sessions create an atmosphere of supportive healing and connection and remind participants that they are not alone, which can be healing and validating to participants. Group  sizes range between 3-10 people and are 60-90 mins depending on the topics being discussed. Groups run on a weekly basis for 8 weeks with a lower per session fee than individual sessions. 

Some participants opt to do a conjunction of individual sessions as well as group therapy to supplement their learning and healing but it is not required to do both at the same time. However, if your group facilitator sees that there may be a particular area of focus that would be better suited for a space outside of the group, then your facilitator will approach you directly and talk you through their recommendations. 

Regardless of the size of the mountain that may be before you, let People United Counseling & Consulting  help equip you with the tools needed to climb it successfully. Schedule your free consultation today!

For specific fees and a list of accepted insurances, please take a look at our fees page here

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