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Financial Literacy & Planning

We may not be aware of it, but everything about our money is emotional! What we do to earn it, how we spend it, and even if we save it or not, is based on how we not only feel about our individual circumstances, but how we feel about money itself. This can lead people into a financial hole from which they have difficulty escaping. People United Financial literacy and planning services are designed to help mitigate some of the financial issues we are faced with even if it is no fault of our own. 

Changes in the economy, the rising cost of goods and services, and the stagnation in livable wages, has many Americans forced to make difficult decisions with their money that have lasting impacts for them and their families. But regardless of your socioeconomic status, there is hope for a brighter financial future. As a licensed life insurance agent, a financial social worker (certification pending), and a real person in this economy just like you, your therapist can help you explore the relationship you have with your finances, how to make every dollar you earn continue to work for you long after you’ve earned it, and how to do all of that AND enjoy the level of financial freedom that supports the life you have always dreamt of having. 

People United’s financial literacy and planning services are perfect for anyone who makes and spends money. You are never too young or too far down the road to develop a different, more effective, and healthier relationship with your money.  

To see if financial literacy and planning services are right for you, schedule your free consultation today!

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